How to Train a Cat to Use a Scratching Post: Useful Tips

If you appear to be a cat owner, again you would apprehension that your adored pet loves abrading stuff. Abundant to your horror, bodies adulation to blemish the furniture! This may assume like a big problem, but it can be calmly resolved. The key is to apprentice how to alternation a cat to use a abrading post. There are abounding agency for you to accord with this problem.

First of all, it is important to accept why bodies blemish their paws. Bodies advance their aroma by abrading their paws which agency they are appearance their territory.

It helps them to feel defended and to analyze their enclave. Address claws is addition acumen for scratching. Abrading aswell helps them amplitude their muscles. See that there are abounding advantages to bodies abrading their paws except that it wreaks calamity on your furniture.

On the added hand, you can trim your cat’s nails to advice them affluence the scratching. This adjustment is not recommended as they lose their aegis mechanism. So we aggregate some tips and tricks to chase to aid in your dilemma.

Useful Tips on How to Alternation a Cat to Use a Abrading Post

Now that you apperceive the accepted affidavit why bodies are abrading their paws, we can move on to some advantageous things that you can do to advice them apprentice to use a abrading column instead of your furniture.

Start early

If you accept your pets as kittens, again you can alpha training them while they are young. This way, the activity will be built-in in them. However, if you already accept an developed cat, they can still be accomplished but ability charge added chain and perseverance.

Find a abrading column that your cat will love

Sometimes, it is all about award the appropriate affectionate of abrading column that will address to your cat. You can acquisition the appropriate column for your cat usually through balloon and error. You may charge to agreement and see which one works. For example, some would adopt a vertical column as against to a accumbent surface. The important affair is to be able to acquisition the appropriate one that will address to your cat’s preferences.

Determine the best abode to put your abrading post

Other times, it is not the superior of the abrading column that is important but the location. You should accumulate in apperception that you should abode your column area it will be attainable to your cat.

One pro tip: bodies usually do their abrading afore they yield a nap. The ideal abode to put your abrading column is area your cat usually naps. If you accept the capacity, it is aswell abundant to put several posts in altered locations of the house. Abode it on your pet’s accepted spots, and it will absolutely get to aerate its use.

Now, if you appear to accept a section of appliance that your cat is actual abundant absorbed to, again you can try agreement a abrading column abreast it. This is an accomplished way to alter its absorption and focus the abrading on the column and not on your furniture.

Use Rewards and Affirmations

As with all abundant training, you can use rewards and affirmations to your pet. This artlessly agency that whenever your pet uses the blemish post, it will get a reward. On the added hand, if they still play with your admired furniture, again you charge to be close and let your pet apperceive that is wrong.

To added attract your cat to use the abrading post, you can put catnip on and about the column or adhere a toy for them to be able to play with. Eventually, they will get the adhere of it and alpha application the column regularly.

Do not tolerate

If your cat is persistent, again it is time to use your articulation to let your pet apperceive its accomplishments are incorrect. If you apprehend your cat abrading the furniture, say stop in a loud voice. Your pet will be abashed and over time will accept that what it is accomplishing is inappropriate. You may aswell flow some baptize on your cat whenever it starts abrading the future. These are just some agency to dissuade your pet.

Other Remedies

Now, if the tips mentioned aloft do not plan at all, again you can go a altered route. One affair that you could do is to accomplish your appliance unappealing to your pet. You can do this by accoutrement your cat’s admired appliance with antithesis or tape. Bodies do not like these textures and can dissuade them from added scratching. It may assume like a abominable attending for your furniture, but it is alone temporary. You can abolish them if your cat already loses its interest.

When all abroad fail, you can try alteration your furniture. Accede appliance that is fabricated from microfiber. It can abide scratching, but at the aforementioned time, there are aswell altered designs accessible that will clothing your home.


Cats are ambrosial and fun-loving. Just bethink that cat abrading is a accustomed phenomenon. It may assume horrible, but if you alternation them early, again you will be able to beat this ordeal. As mentioned before, bodies blemish as their way of appearance area and address claws. It is easier to alternation bodies if you accept the acumen abaft their behavior.

There are endless of added agency on how to alternation a cat to use a abrading post. These are some of the a lot of accepted ones. You can alpha training aboriginal while they are still kittens so that they can bethink as they abound up. Perhaps, you can acquisition a nice abrading column that your pet would like. There are abounding different kinds of abrading posts, so it is bigger if you try and see which one best plan for your pet.

In the end, if all abroad fail, again you could just accede alteration your appliance or authoritative your appliance scratch-proof. It pays to be accommodating and accept to your cat’s needs. Bodies alter from one another; one ability be affected to training while others are not. Hopefully, your cat is trainable and can calmly aces up the things you are teaching.

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